Thursday, August 23, 2012

Challenges in education

The lack of professional teachers ranks first among all the challenges facing rural education programs. Our township has few community school and there is lack of fine teachers. Due to the lack of teachers some schools could not let the students learn from them.
Many schools need teachers to lead the classes in different subjects. According to recent statistics by Ministry of education, rural schools are suffering incredibly than urban schools. The big difference in education between urban and rural areas stems from the policy on the number of teachers.
Based on the standard, the number of teachers is determined by the number of students. Where there are more students, particularly in urban areas, there are more teachers. The policy has contributed to the incomplete education of rural schools.
The shortage of available funds is another big challenge, and is most sever in rural places. The limited funds are mostly spent on necessary teaching materials. Whatever money is left over is often used or invested in related field. Now the quality of art education mainly depends on parents rather than schooling. Urban parents enroll their children in outside institutions to learn, this is nearly impossible for rural children due to their poor economic conditions.
The absence of education in rural areas widened the urban-rural gap. This will ultimately hurt the fundamental interests of rural children and undermine their overall competence.

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